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Sanskrita Foundation, a registered trust dedicated to promote art and culture was established by Odissi exponent Smt. Shubhada Varadkar in 2006 with the support of like minded enthusiasts. It organizes and supports a number of initiatives in the area of art and culture, particularly projects presenting and highlighting the everlasting progressive values of India’s rich cultural heritage. The foundation believes in emphasizing the importance of traditional art and culture as a means of communication. Thus promoting multicultural understanding and harmony, it reaches beyond the worldly communication.We organise our own events and donate the amount to the hospitals. We have our own Dance Institute where we impart training in various traditional dance forms. It is one of the best Dance Institutes In Mumbai for Traditional Dance.
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Founder & Chairperson

Dance Institute Mumbai, Sanskrita foundation

Shubhada Varadkar is an exponent of Indian classical dance, Odissi. Her dance is a fascinating union of eloquent expressions, graceful movements, and captivating postures right out of Odissi’s legendary heritage. An ‘A’ graded National artist, Shubhada, is a recipient of many prestigious awards and the fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Shubhada’s dance productions are acknowledged for their rich tapestry of music, choreography, and literature. Critics have hailed her as a prima donna in Odissi and one can experience joie de vivre when she performs. Shubhada is a prolific writer. She founded Sanskrita Foundation In 2006 with her team.She also runs her Dance Institute and organises events in India and Abroad.

Our Philosophy

*Abundance of respect to dignity of life Plenty to discover with the language of heart March on the divine path with the purity of soul

*Celebration of art is vision of sterling life Great to fathom the mysterious creative height Stay ceaseless and toil towards the artistic goal

*Courage of inventive elixir for eternal life Sense the sorrow of, and endurance of plight Remain untainted always above the false, be real






*To create awareness about the rich art and cultural tradition of our country through workshops, lecture demonstrations, concerts etc.

*To enhance creativity through new concepts and productions. and train keen learners in the nuances of the Indian classical art forms in our dance institute.

*To provide platform to young talents in the field of Indian classical dance and music from our dance institute and workshops and also offer free training not only in classical art forms but also in sports to the underprivileged children.

*To promote artistic efforts of differently abled children, through dance and music and help the patients suffering from cancer.Our Foundation Donates To Hospitals.


With a strong tradition of guru-shishya parampara, in Indian classical art forms, it is apparent that an intensive learning can only be possible in a Gurukul system of training. Sanskrita Foundation wishes to have its own Gurukul in its endeavour to preserve and propagate Indian classical art forms. The objective of this Gurukul is to not only to endow the students with the nuances of the art forms but also create a healthy and respectful environment that encourages fairness and forbearance amongst the learners.We organizes our own events and donate the amount to the hospitals. We have our own Dance Institute where we teach various traditional dance training


Sports Foundation In India, Sanskrita Foundation

Sports Training

Sanskrita Foundation

Sanskrita Foundation’s endeavours stretch beyond performing arts. The foundation also contributes towards a healthy sporting culture by providing professional coaching in various sports like cricket, athletics, and adventure sports under the guidance of Sri. Shekhar Varadkar (Ex. A.G.M. AIR INDIA & Ex Manager Air India Cricket Team).

Events by Sanskrita Foundation

Events and Programmes

Sanskrita Foundation

Sanskrita, since its inception has organized a wide array of cultural programmes entailing performances by eminent artistes. Sanskrita Foundation has also organized lectures of scholars like Dr Sunil Kothari, workshop by eminent dance and theatre personalities like Shri Shivdas Ghodke, and dancers Smt. Keka Sinha.

Philanthropic Activities By Sanskrita Foundation

Dance Institute

Sanskrita Foundation

Our Dance Institute Is one of the best Dance Institutes for traditional dance in Mumbai. We train our students to give their cultural side an edge. Our Dance institute provides the best training and one of the best dance instructure Shubhada Vardarkar. Join our institute and become part of Sanskrita Foundation.

Workshops and Seminars By Sanskrita Foundation


Sanskrita Foundation

We organise many Dance Workshops and Seminars across Mumbai and Create awareness about traditional Dance, Arts and Culture. With our efficient team we deliver the best workshops around mumbai.Contact us to organise a Dance Workshop or Event.